Muzeon Park of Arts

Muzeon Park of Arts (Fallen Monument Park) is situated not far from our hotel. It is an excellent place for unusual walks. This open-air museum contains more than 1000 sculptures, each with its own history. Most of them were dismentled in different parts of Moscow from the political points of view and moved here, some of them were presented to the Park by the authors. Here you can see clasics, avanе-gardу and public – art. In such variety of scenes and personalities it is possible to make a creatively different photo shoot session. Modern Art festivals as well as music ones and different master classes take place in Muzeon regularly. Educational pavilion — School and children's centre are working here as a going concern.

In summer one can visit an open-air cinema movie, where rare films of producers from different countries are demonstrated. Also you can get to open theatrical productions. On a pedestrian zone of the Krimskaja Naberezhnaya (The Crimea Embankment) one can admire fountains and have a snak in the café. Here yoga and dancing classes are held and there are also bicycle routs.

By the way you can contact the hotel staff about the current program in the park, as well as which way to go there.